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Gain insights into the problems faced by customers while using mobile banking services through our survey titled 'Problems Faced by Customers Using Mobile Banking Services.'

1. How often do you use mobile banking services?

2. Which mobile banking services do you use?

3. What are the main reasons you use mobile banking services?

4. Are you satisfied with the user interface of your mobile banking app?

5. Have you encountered any technical issues while using mobile banking services?

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6. If yes, please describe the technical issues you have faced.

7. What are the main challenges you face when using mobile banking services? (Select all that apply)

8. Do you feel your transactions are secure when using mobile banking services?

9. Which features do you think are missing or could be improved in mobile banking services? (Select all that apply)

10. Is the customer support provided for issues related to mobile banking services satisfactory?

11. Are you aware of the additional services offered by your mobile banking app, apart from basic banking features?

12. Which additional services have you used or would like to use? (Select all that apply)

13. If there are any other problems you face while using mobile banking services, please describe them.

14. How likely are you to recommend your mobile banking app to others?

15. Do you feel that mobile banking services have made your banking tasks easier and more convenient?

16. Have you ever experienced unauthorized access or fraud incidents related to your mobile banking account?

17. Are you satisfied with the speed of transactions when using mobile banking services?

18. What factors would encourage you to use mobile banking services more frequently? (Select all that apply)

19. Do you trust mobile banking services more or less than traditional banking services?

20. Have you ever switched to another mobile banking app due to dissatisfaction with your current one?

Survey Ideas > Problems Faced by Customers Using Mobile Banking Services

Understanding the Challenges of Mobile Banking: A Customer Feedback Survey

Mobile banking has become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to conveniently manage our financial transactions on the go. However, like any other technology, it has its fair share of problems that customers often encounter. To understand these problems better, we conducted a survey titled 'Problems Faced by Customers Using Mobile Banking Services.'

The aim of this survey was to gather valuable insights from customers and address the issues they face while utilizing mobile banking services. By collecting responses, we aimed to identify the main pain points and work towards making mobile banking more efficient and user-friendly.

The survey consisted of 20 questions in various formats, including single-choice, multiple-choice, and open-ended questions. Each question was carefully crafted to cover different aspects of the mobile banking experience.

Here are some key findings from the survey:

1. A significant percentage of respondents use mobile banking services on a daily basis, indicating its popularity among customers.

2. The most commonly utilized mobile banking features included balance inquiry, funds transfer, and bill payments.

3. Users expressed satisfaction with the user interface of their mobile banking apps, although some issues with the navigation were reported.

4. Security concerns and slow response times emerged as the main challenges faced by customers while using mobile banking services.

5. Respondents highlighted the need for additional features such as biometric authentication, personalized offers, and real-time notifications.

6. Customer support related to mobile banking services received mixed reviews, suggesting room for improvement.

7. The majority of users were unaware of additional services offered by their mobile banking app, apart from basic banking features.

In conclusion, our survey shed light on the problems faced by customers while using mobile banking services. By understanding these issues, we can work towards enhancing the user experience, improving security measures, and introducing new features to make mobile banking more convenient.

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Problems Faced by Customers Using Mobile Banking Services - Survey Ideas | Startquestion (2024)


What are the problems associated with mobile banking? ›

Mobile banking apps are useful tools for managing our finances on-the-go. However, there are risks associated with using them due to potential security vulnerabilities and malicious actors trying to gain access to our data and funds through phishing campaigns and malicious software such as keyloggers and overlays.

What are the factors affecting customer satisfaction in mobile banking? ›

The results of research confirmed significant direct effects of factors like ease of use, mobile atmosphere, perceived responsive, image of bank, perceived security, perceived risk, performance benefits, social influence, and hedonic motivation towards mobile banking.

What 3 mobile banking features do consumers consider to be critical? ›

Answer. Consumers consider e-payments, a robust online banking interface, and convenient features such as mobile deposit to be critical mobile banking features.

What are the disadvantages of mobile banking to customers? ›

  • Risk of hacking and identity theft.
  • Tech issues or bugs can affect usability.
  • Some mobile banking apps charge fees.
  • Features aren't the same for all apps.
4 days ago

What is the number one issue for online banking customers? ›

1) Cybersecurity Threats

Online banking is at risk of cybersecurity threats that could expose confidential and sensitive financial information of the customer. Hackers use various tactics like phishing attacks, malware, and ransomware to gain unauthorized access to accounts.

What are some short-term issues with mobile banking? ›

The two most significant issues with financial and mobile banking apps that users experience are app freezing and a dropped internet connection. Next in line is the inability of apps to display transaction details or to connect with a customer service executive directly.

What are the perceived risks of mobile banking? ›

Perceived Risk in Mobile Banking

Major challenges of mobile banking are the experience and maturity to operate within the complex ecosystem. The immaturity may open space to risks. Mobile banking are open to threat such as unsecured networks, mobile malware, third-party applications and risky customer behaviour [3].

What are the core factors that affect customer use of e banking? ›

The data analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling revealed that perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, attitude towards e-banking, perceived behavioral control, subjective norms, behavioral intention, awareness as well as the availability of internet/network connection have a significant positive impact on ...

What are the constraints of mobile banking? ›

Mobile banking disadvantages
  • Dependency on internet connection. A fundamental requirement for mobile banking is reliable internet, which is not always available. ...
  • Security concerns. Despite advances in security, vulnerabilities remain a concern.

What is mobile banking weakness? ›

A mobile banking app continuously requests the bank's server for financial activities like making payments or updating the account balance. If an insecure protocol is used for the data transfer process, users' personal information becomes vulnerable to exploitation by malicious individuals.

What are the risks of online and mobile banking? ›

If hackers gain access to your banking information, this puts you at risk of not only financial fraud — but also identity theft. Scammers use stolen personal data on the Dark Web to: Take out loans in your name. Open new credit cards and ruin your credit score.

What is a concern with the popularity of online and mobile banking? ›

The two most pressing concerns are accounts getting hacked (46%) and someone accessing their bank account if their phone is lost or stolen (38%).

What are the disadvantages of mobile money banking? ›

Mobile banking disadvantages
  • Limited accessibility in remote areas: Mobile banking may not be a reliable option for those in less connected regions, underscoring the digital divide.
  • Data usage concerns: The reliance on data for mobile banking operations can be a constraint, especially for users with limited data plans.

What is a main problem in e banking? ›

Security Concerns

With digital banking gaining momentum for customer convenience, the threat of fraud in financial transactions leaves both customers and banks exposed to swindlers. Banks are working towards spreading awareness amongst customers on the nature of threats that customers could face.


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