5 Fascinating English Words With All 5 Vowels (2024)

5 Fascinating English Words With All 5 Vowels (1)

There’s something entertaining about playing with words. Whether it’s making palindromes, discovering the longest word or just playing Scrabble, humans have a natural interest in language. Even something as simple as discovering English words with all 5 vowels in them can serve as an interesting piece of trivia, though it’s not as rare as you might think.

Here, we’ve collected some notable words that feature all of the vowels in English. Instead of a comprehensive list — there are just too many, especially when you include technical terminology — we’ve chosen to focus on just the most interesting.

The 5 Most Notable English Words With All 5 Vowels

The Shortest English Word With All Five Vowels: Sequoia

There are a few seven-letter words in the dictionary that have all five vowels — eulogia, miaoued, suoidea, etc. — but the only one that could be considered common is “sequoia,” the name for a tree that grows in the Sierra Nevada. This word comes with a bonus language fact, too: it comes from Sequoyah, a Native American who is credited as the first person to ever single-handedly create a written language. He did it for his native language, Cherokee.

Or Maybe It’s This One: Eunoia

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of this word before; it’s not particularly common. It’s descended from Greek, and it refers to a feeling of goodwill, particularly that of an audience toward a speaker. Its main claim to fame, though, is that it is the only six-letter word that has all five of the main vowels in English.

And An Even Shorter One: Iouea

This word, consisting only of vowels, is the name of a genus of fossil sponges. It can technically count as one of the English words with all 5 vowels in them, but is certainly not a word you’ll run into in your day-to-day life.

Shortest Word With All Five Vowels In Order: Aerious

Sure, having all the vowels is one thing, but what about ordering them alphabetically? That can be done in the seven-letter “aerious.” It’s considered obsolete in English, sure, but it counts, and is an old word for things referring to the air.

Shortest Word With All Six Vowels In Order: Facetiously

If you read the intro to this article and took issue with us saying that there are five vowels in the language, then this entry is for you. The shortest word that features all five vowels and the “sometimes y” is “facetiously,” which refers to the sense of humor when someone responds to a serious topic with something inappropriate (it’s sometimes used interchangeably with “sarcastically,” but they’re not exactly the same). Not only does it have all six vowels; it has all of them in alphabetical order, making it a particularly interesting word.

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I'm a language enthusiast with a deep appreciation for the intricate nuances of words and language. My passion lies in exploring linguistic curiosities, from palindromes to the longest words, and I find joy in unraveling the richness of languages, including English.

Now, let's delve into the concepts highlighted in the article:

  1. Palindromes and Linguistic Play:

    • Palindromes are words, phrases, or sequences that read the same backward as forward. While the article doesn't explicitly mention palindromes, the reference to playing with words and the subsequent exploration of interesting linguistic features align with the playful nature of palindromes.
  2. Vowels in English:

    • The article focuses on the fascination humans have with vowels in the English language. It acknowledges the natural interest in language-related activities such as playing Scrabble, discovering the longest word, and finding words with all five vowels.
  3. Notable English Words with All 5 Vowels:

    • The article presents a selection of notable words featuring all five vowels in English, highlighting that the selection is not exhaustive due to the abundance, especially when technical terms are included.
  4. Sequoia:

    • "Sequoia" is identified as the shortest English word with all five vowels. The word refers to a type of tree found in the Sierra Nevada. The additional language fact connects it to Sequoyah, a Native American credited with creating a written language for Cherokee.
  5. Eunoia:

    • "Eunoia" is introduced as a unique six-letter word derived from Greek, representing a sense of goodwill, particularly from an audience toward a speaker. Its rarity adds to its intrigue.
  6. Iouea:

    • "Iouea" is mentioned as a word consisting only of vowels, representing a genus of fossil sponges. While not common in everyday language, it qualifies as one of the English words with all five vowels.
  7. Aerious:

    • "Aerious" is noted as the shortest word with all five vowels arranged alphabetically. Despite being considered obsolete, it adds an interesting dimension by describing things related to the air.
  8. Facetiously:

    • The article concludes with "facetiously," recognized as the shortest word with all six vowels, including the "sometimes y." It not only features all vowels but also presents them in alphabetical order. The word is associated with responding to a serious topic with inappropriate humor, adding depth to its linguistic significance.

In summary, the article celebrates the fascination with language and highlights specific words that embody the uniqueness of English vowels, ranging from the shortest word with all five vowels to words with vowels in alphabetical order.

5 Fascinating English Words With All 5 Vowels (2024)


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