The most hardworking 7 letter word - Silent Motivations (2024)

The seventh word in the list of 10 golden words is the most hardworking seven letter word – SUCCESS.

Success is what everyone drives for and everyone has their very own definition of success. For someone having healthy relationships is a success, for someone being rich is a success, for someone having fame is a success and for someone having peace of mind is a success.

Everyone has a unique and different definition of success and thus everyone’s way of attending their success is also different.

But all the definitions and ways have some common factors within them.

For achieving your self-defined success you need to do hard work, be patient, be determined, must have knowledge and skill, and many more factors.

No success is big or small. For a child riding a bicycle is a very big achievement but at the same time for a grown adult it is just a small step.

Impact of success is determined by the intention and desire behind it. The goodwill and honesty determine how great and how glorious your success is.

What to do with the most hardworking seven letter word?

Achieve it.

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Achieving success is composed of many qualities and tools that we should possess within ourselves. It is a long and hard journey that we have to undertake and complete in order to achieve our success.

We will fail many times while being on the path toward success. We will fall, life will be harsh and unfair to us but we still have to get up and walk and move on if we have to achieve our desired success.

This is what mother giraffe teaches her baby giraffe as soon as he/she is born by kicking him/her hard immediately after birth. Read our article for Life lesson by the Giraffe to know why mother Giraffe kicks her newly born baby and what life lesson does it teach us.

Thus no matter how cruel or unfair life may be to us, we have to face it and walk through it and this is the only way to success, with a strong will and never to give up attitude.

Along with determination, we need patience. There was an experiment called the Marshmallow experiment conducted by the USA.

In this experiment children of various ages were made to sit in a closed room and a plate with one marshmallow on it was placed before them. Seeing the marshmallow all the children were excited, tempted and ready to eat their favorite sweet.

But the instructors told them that they can eat the marshmallow now or they can wait for a certain amount of time and if they do not eat the marshmallow till that time then they will be rewarded with another marshmallow and thus they can have two marshmallows.

Instructing this the instructor left the room and closed the door. This experiment was conducted individually on every child and the children were observed through a camera. Also, the time duration was not disclosed to them. It was uncertain to them.

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Some children ate the marshmallow before the time limit ended and thus end up eating only one marshmallow. While some successfully controlled their urges and thus at the end of the time limit they ate two marshmallows.

Many children were determined at the start, not to eat the marshmallow kept in the plate but as the time passed they lost control over the urge and thus end up eating the marshmallow before the end of the time limit.

You can watch the full experiment here: The Marshmallow Test.

But you must be thinking that what is the importance of this test and how does this help us with the theory or importance of patience? This experiment seems to be completely off topic or not much of great importance to you.

But what if I tell you that when the children that were part of this experiment were observed after 1 or 2 decades and their financial and social status was checked by the experiment conductor authority, they found something very interesting.

They found that children who ate the marshmallow and didn’t have the patience to wait for the time limit to complete were living a mediocre life, having average salaries and not being greatly successful.

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While the children who showed patience and controlled their urges during the time limit and end up eating two marshmallows were found to be more successful. They were at higher designations in an organization, having a health and luxurious life and also having peace and happiness.

Please watch below video in which World-renowned physicist Michio Kaku reveals how effective and accurate this marshmallow test is:

People who have the patience to wait achieve success. Not just determination alone can make you successful but patience is also very important.

But still even after being successful, achieving whatever we want, isn’t it true that many times we still remain unhappy or unsatisfied?

Yes it is true and the reason is that we have achieved success in the outer world and proved ourselves to the world but our inner world is still left to be achieved.

Inner and Outer world are the only two real worlds that we should really differentiate between. What these worlds are and how they are different find in this post: Only two real directions.

In the outer world, success is to achieve, gain and sustain whatever we desire. In inner world success or happiness is to be peaceful, silent and calm.

To achieve success or calmness in our inner world, we should not have desires and expectation, we should just be satisfied with what we have and try to serve other people. Serving others, selflessly, gives us the highest level of satisfaction, peace, and feeling of fulfillment.

“You should define your success, your success should not define you.”

Because when control is in your hand, you have the power to determine the flow. But when the control is on the situations and achievements, you lose your inner peace and calmness.

And success at the cost of inner satisfaction and peace is very expensive and worthless. When you let success define you, then there is no end to it and you don’t know where to stop and change the path towards the next chapter of life.

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“Don’t just go through life. Grow through life”

While going through life and achieving your goals and aims and at last being successful, grow yourself mentally and spiritually at the same time.

Because at the end it does not matter what you are or what your status is materialistically, what matters is what you are internally, how much you give than you take, how much your server than you ask for from others.

We would like to hear your own definition of success and what you think about this post.

You can find all the remaining golden keys of life here: 10 Golden Keys of Life.

Please share your views in the comment section and we will be very happy as always to hear from you. And also it encourages us to keep writing and sharing our silent motivations with you all.

I am a motivational expert with a deep understanding of the principles of success and personal development. My expertise stems from extensive research, practical application, and a genuine passion for empowering individuals to achieve their goals.

Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article:

  1. Success Definition:

    • Success is a subjective concept, with individuals defining it based on personal values.
    • Various definitions include healthy relationships, wealth, fame, and peace of mind.
  2. Common Factors for Success:

    • Hard work, patience, determination, knowledge, and skills are essential for achieving success.
    • Success is a unique journey for each person, but common factors contribute to it.
  3. Perception of Success:

    • The impact of success depends on one's intention, desire, goodwill, and honesty.
    • Success, whether big or small, is determined by individual perspectives.
  4. Overcoming Challenges:

    • Facing failures, harsh circ*mstances, and unfairness is part of the journey to success.
    • A strong will and a never-give-up attitude are crucial for overcoming obstacles.
  5. Patience and the Marshmallow Experiment:

    • Patience is highlighted through the Marshmallow Experiment, where children who waited were found to be more successful in later life.
    • The experiment emphasizes the importance of delayed gratification in achieving long-term success.
  6. Inner and Outer Worlds:

    • Distinguishing between the outer world (material success) and the inner world (peace and calmness).
    • Inner success involves being satisfied, serving others selflessly, and finding fulfillment.
  7. Defining Success:

    • Encourages individuals to define their success rather than letting external achievements define them.
    • Inner peace and satisfaction are emphasized over materialistic success.
  8. Continuous Growth:

    • Life is not just about achieving external goals but also growing mentally and spiritually.
    • Encourages personal development and a giving mindset throughout life.
  9. Reflection and Interaction:

    • Invites readers to share their own definitions of success and thoughts on the article.
    • Promotes a dialogue about individual perspectives on success.

In summary, the article explores the multifaceted nature of success, emphasizing the importance of internal fulfillment, perseverance, and patience on the journey toward achieving one's goals. If you have any specific questions or if there's a particular aspect you'd like to discuss further, feel free to let me know.

The most hardworking 7 letter word - Silent Motivations (2024)


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