Which were the two important features of the Soviet system class 12? (2024)

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Which were the two important features of the Soviet system class 12?

Answer: (i)The Soviet System was very bureaucratic and authoritarian. (ii) Lack of democracy and the absence of freedom of speech. (iii) Tight control over all institutions and was unaccountable to the people.

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What were the two important features of the Soviet system?

Answer: (i)The Soviet System was very bureaucratic and authoritarian. (ii) Lack of democracy and the absence of freedom of speech. (iii) Tight control over all institutions and was unaccountable to the people.

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What was the Soviet system Class 12?

Answer: The Soviet system was based on the principles of equality and the planned economy controlled by the state. Whereas in the capitalist economy, private ownership is dominant. Land and productive assets are owned and controlled by the capitalist.

What are two characteristics of Soviet economy?

Two characteristics of the Soviet economy during the cold war days were as follows: It had a complex communication network, vast energy resources including oil, iron and steel. It had a domestic consumer industry that produced everything from pins to cars.

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What are the two merits of Soviet economy Class 12?

The Soviet state insured minimum standard of living for all its citizens, The government subsidize basic necessities including health, education child care and welfare schemes for its citizens. There was no unemployment .

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What are two features of the Soviet economy quizlet?

What are two features of the Soviet economy? Labor and resources were concentrated in the heavy industry or military sector. Soviet consumers had to deal with shoddy and insufficient amount of consumer goods.

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What were the 2 principle economic objectives of the Soviet Union?

Collectivization and Industrialization. In November 1927, Joseph Stalin launched his “revolution from above” by setting two extraordinary goals for Soviet domestic policy: rapid industrialization and collectivization of agriculture.

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What is Soviet system class 12 brainly?

Answer: Soviet system is basically the power of the society run by USSR or Russia. They believed in communism where all the people were benefitted in the society.

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How was the Soviet system formed Class 12?

The Soviet Union was born out of the fires of the Russian Revolution of 1917. The Bolsheviks, a radical left revolutionary group overthrew Russia's Tsar Nicholas II, ending centuries of monarchist rule. Taking over the territories of the former Russian Empire, the bolsheviks established a social state.

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What was Soviet system in simple words?

The political system of the Soviet Union took place in a federal single-party soviet socialist republic framework which was characterized by the superior role of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), the only party permitted by the Constitution.

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What are the four main features of the Soviet economic system?

In our research we considered four fundamental structural elements of the Soviet economic system: ownership, production, distribution, and exchange .

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What were the positive and negative features of the Soviet system?

Positive features: 1) Soviet system was more developed than rest of the world except USA. 2) Minimum standard of living was ensured for all the citizens. 3) Government susidized the basic needs including health, education, etc. Negative features: 1) System was very bureucratic and authoritarian.

Which were the two important features of the Soviet system class 12? (2024)
Which 2 two characteristics are associated with a socialist economy?

Socialism includes the collective ownership of the means of production, central planning of the economy, and the emphasis on equality and economic security with the goal of reducing class distinctions.

What three features differentiate Soviet Union economy from capitalist economy of America Class 12?

The three features that distinguish the Soviet economy from that of a capitalist country like the US, can be summed up as follows: Soviet economy experienced a complex communication network, vast energy resources and an efficient transport sector to connect its remotest areas.

Why did Soviet economy became so weak?

(i) The Soviet economy used much of its resources in maintaining nuclear and military arsenals. (ii) Soviet economy concentrated on the development of its satellite states in Eastern Europe especially in the five central Asian republics. (iii) This led to a huge economic burden on people to be coped up with.

What two types of economic systems were the US and the Soviet Union arguing over during the Cold War?

The very term “Cold War” is contradictory and confusing. It was first used in 1947. By using the word “war,” it captured the seemingly life-or-death struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union and between capitalism and communism.

What are 2 features of capitalism and communism?

Capitalism exhibits private ownership, profit motive, minimal government intervention, competitive market, capital accumulation, class system, etc. Communism exhibits common ownership, central planning, no competition, classless society, etc.

What are two features of political economy?

Some of the characteristics or themes of a political economy include the distribution of wealth, how goods and services are produced, who owns property and other resources, who profits from production, supply and demand, and how public policy and government interaction impact society.

What are some physical features of the Soviet Union?

Topography: Vast steppe with low hills west of Ural Mountains; extensive coniferous forest and tundra in Siberia; deserts in Central Asia; mountains along southern boundaries. Climate: Generally temperate to Arctic continental. Winters varied from short and cold along Black Sea to long and frigid in Siberia.

What were two goals of the Soviet Union during the Cold War?

The USSR sought to protect itself and bolster its economy by strengthening its control over the communist states of Eastern Europe. It also encouraged communist revolution in other countries and maintained close ties with communist parties throughout the world.

What was the Soviet system of economic planning?

The post-perestroika analysis of the system of the Soviet economic planning describes it as the administrative-command system due to the de facto priority of highly centralized management over planning.

What were the two principle objectives of the Soviet implemented 5 year plans?

The purposes of the Five-Year Plan, as set forth by responsible officials at Moscow, are the creation of a more adequate industrial development in an industrially backward country and the introduction of more efficient methods of agriculture, including large-scale, highly mechanized farming on coöperative lines.

What were the 2 factions of the Soviet communist?

In 1903, that party split into a Menshevik (minority) and Bolshevik (majority) faction; the latter, led by Vladimir Lenin, is the direct ancestor of the CPSU and is the party that seized power in the October Revolution of 1917.

What are two features of war communism?

War communism included the following policies: Nationalization of all industries and the introduction of strict centralized management. State control of foreign trade. Strict discipline for workers, with strikes forbidden.

What was important about the Soviet Union?

It had the world's second-largest economy, and the Soviet Armed Forces comprised the largest standing military in the world. An NPT-designated state, it possessed the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world.


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