Is ECT safe for elderly? (2024)

Is ECT safe for elderly?

For elderly patients who cannot tolerate or respond poorly to medications and who are at a high risk for drug-induced toxicity or toxic drug interactions, ECT is the safest treatment option.

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Who is not a good candidate for ECT?

For example, children under age eleven cannot undergo ECT for mental health disorders. People with heart conditions and people who cannot handle short-acting sedatives or muscle relaxers should not undergo ECT treatments. In pregnant patients, ECT does not pose any serious risk to the fetus, or the expectant mother.

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When should ECT not be used?

Because of increased risks, doctors need to think carefully before they give you ECT if you're: pregnant, elderly, or. under 18 years old.

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What is the most serious side effect of ECT?

During ECT, heart rate and blood pressure increase, and in rare cases, that can lead to serious heart problems.

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What percentage of people lose memory from ECT?

Recent studies of patients' perceptions of memory impairment after ECT are notable. Rose and colleagues25 summarized the results of 7 studies reporting on perceived memory loss and found that between 29% and 55% of respondents believed they experienced long-lasting or permanent memory changes.

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Why is ECT contraindicated for elderly?

ECT is considered a low-risk procedure that can be successfully done in medically ill older adults, but it is associated with a brief period of increased blood pressure and pulse leading to increased myocardial oxygen demand. ECT may cause delirium, particularly in the cognitively impaired older.

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What are drawbacks to ECT therapy?

The most common side effects of ECT on the day of treatment include nausea, headache, fatigue, confusion, and slight memory loss, which may last minutes to hours. These risks must be balanced with the consequences of ineffectively treated severe psychiatric disorders.

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Why does ECT have a bad reputation?

The main source of continuing controversy concerns a possible adverse effect: memory loss. There is no question that ECT causes some memory loss, particularly of events near the time of the treatment. These memories often return, however.

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Why is ECT banned?

In fact, there is considerable evidence that ECT causes significant and irreversible brain damage. The human brain is a highly intricate organ, controlling the body with more than five trillion signals every second.

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Which is safer TMS or ECT?

Lastly, TMS has fewer side effects than ECT. In addition, TMS does not require sedation, saving a patient the added risk, complications and side effects associated with general anesthesia, which is necessary for ECT.

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Can ECT permanently harm the brain?

ECT is not the devastating purveyor of wholesale brain damage that some of its detractors claim. For the typical individual receiving ECT, no detectable correlates of irreversible brain damage appear to occur.

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Can ECT make people worse?

Some people who have had ECT may have found they experience adverse side effects that are worse than the symptoms of the problem they're trying to treat, including short term or longer term memory loss. We recognize that ECT advocates have their patients' best interest at heart.

Is ECT safe for elderly? (2024)
Is ECT life threatening?

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is an effective modality of treatment for a variety of psychiatric disorders. However, it has always been accused of being a coercive, unethical, and dangerous modality of treatment. The dangerousness of ECT has been mainly attributed to its claimed ability to cause brain damage.

Can dementia be caused by ECT?

Of patients who underwent ECT, 3.6% developed dementia. Of some 162,000 patients not treated with ECT, 3.1% developed dementia. Researchers found that after adjusting for the potential effect of patient selection or competing mortality, ECT was not associated with risk of dementia.

Is ECT linked to dementia?

The present study shows that notwithstanding other possible adverse long-term cognitive effects, ECT is not associated with an increased risk of dementia.

Does ECT cause cognitive decline?

Conclusions. In this naturalistic ECT treatment study, results show that the initiation of ECT may transiently affect memory and executive function, but cognition is largely unaffected during and post ECT.

What is the most common cause of mortality after ECT?

Highlights. Within 30 days of ECT, there were 123 (0.61 %) deaths due to medical causes. ECT appears to be a low-risk medical procedure. Cardiovascular disease was the leading medical cause of death.

What is the most common complaint a patient will have after ECT?

Some of the immediate side effects of ECT (these tend to resolve within a few hours) include headache, sore muscles, queasiness and confusion. It is common for people to experience short-term memory problems during the course of treatment, but these side effects usually last a few days or weeks.

Can ECT worsen dementia?

ECT does not worsen functional outcomes in those with depression, dementia.

Why is ECT not used more often?

Although electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is, along with antidepressants and psychotherapy, one of the three major treatments of depression, it is still considered as the last resort for depressed patients. This situation is partially due to limited studies and uncertainty regarding its mechanism.

Which type of ECT has fewer cognitive side effects?

Indirect evidence for this hypothesis is provided by consistent data suggesting that ECT using right unilateral (RUL) electrode placement [15,16,17], which induces an electrical field that minimizes the involvement of the hippocampus in the dominant hemisphere [18], is associated with decreased cognitive effects as ...

What famous people had ECT?

Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist, American actresses Carrie Fisher and Judy Garland, blues guitarist and founding member of Fleetwood Mac Peter Green and singer-songwriter Lou Reed have all had ECT.

Does ECT erase bad memories?

Figure 1: People with PTSD are usually troubled by their memories of the traumatic events and suffer from the extreme negative emotions associated with these memories (as shown in the top panel); However, Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) has the potential to erase specific traumatic memories, and therefore help people ...

Which two disorders has ECT consistently showed its effectiveness?

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a safe and effective treatment for major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, catatonia, schizophrenia, and several other conditions. ECT uses an electric current to cause a seizure in the brain and is one of the fastest ways to treat severe symptoms of mental illness.

What states allow ECT?

Results: State regulation on ECT widely varied from none to stringent requirements. There were 6 states without any laws pertaining to ECT. California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas were noted to be the most regulatory on ECT.


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