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Alloy Plate is a common resource which can be found on several planets, especially those with Grineer as this makes up their armor. Although there are lots of Alloy Plate farming locations that may be encountered throughout the planets, only a few have come in handy for most players.

In this guide, we will show you the ways to farm Alloy Plate based on our experience. In addition, have also included other ways on how to get a lot of Alloy Plate regardless, if you have just started out or are in need later on in the game.

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How To Farm Alloy Plate?

In order to farm Alloy Plate, you will need to kill enemies that can be found on specific planets which have them in their drop table. Enemies in the specific planets will have a chance to drop Alloy Plates when killed and the more you kill, the better chance you have at getting a large amount of these components.

Where To Farm Alloy Plate?

Several planets have Alloy Plate in their drop tables. This includes Venus, Ceres, Phobos, Jupiter, Pluto and Sedna. Although all of the planets will have Alloy Plate in their drop tables, the best place to farm Alloy Plate remains to be Ceres due to the low enemy levels and since Alloy Plate is the first resource in its drop table.

Pluto may serve as a high-level location to farm Alloy Plates while Venus can provide a small amount for beginners who have just started out.

Alloy Plate Farming Locations

Gabii (Ceres) – Dark Sector: SurvivalWarframe Alloy Plate Farm 2024 - YetGamer (1)

Alloy Plate is the first resource on Ceres’ drop table which makes it more common as a drop than its other resources. Due to this, we consider this the best place to get Alloy Plate as well as the fact that this Dark Sector survival has a 35% increased drop rate.

Along with a good farming, Warframe such as Hydroid or Nekros, you should be able to get a lot of Alloy Plate fast. Enemies and storages in Gabii have a good chance to drop Alloy Plates. We have put together some of the good places to farm Alloy Plates which are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced players.

Semieni (Ceres) – Dark Sector: DefenseWarframe Alloy Plate Farm 2024 - YetGamer (2)

While Seimeni does not have an unlimited number of enemies spawning, it does provide you with a good number of enemies and easy spots to kill them. Perhaps those who use farming Warframes may consider this not only great for Credits, but also one of the better Alloy Plate farms as it provides a lot of resources all in one.

As a Dark Sector Survival, Seimeni has a 35% increased drop rate which gives you a good chance to receive more resources.

Maliva (Venus) – Dark Sector: SurvivalWarframe Alloy Plate Farm 2024 - YetGamer (3)

While Maliva only has a 10% increase drop rate, it still serves as a good spot for newer players to farm Alloy Plate. Due to the low level of enemies, this can be considered the best place to get Alloy Plate of beginners and even players that can farm large quantities of enemies with multiple farming Warframes in a squad. There are tight corridors in the maps as well which provide an easy way to kill the infested that spawn, allowing you to choose between camping or roaming.

Hieracon (Pluto) – Dark Sector: ExcavationWarframe Alloy Plate Farm 2024 - YetGamer (4)

Hieracon is quite well known for being a place to farm Credits but this mission also has Alloy Plates in its drop table and can be utilized to farm a lot of resources. If you team up with a squad and bring along a farming Warframe, you will be sure to get a lot of resources doing this mission which could make it the best place to get Alloy Plate if you have progressed further into the game.

Final Thoughts

A lot of the planets that have Alloy Plate in their drop table feature Grineer enemies but this can sometimes be a bit tasking for those who need to steadily farm. Since the infested are much easier to kill, we have chosen the Dark Sector missions above. This is also due to the fact that the drop chance is increased and will further increase the amount of resources you get, especially with farming Warframes. Amongst the missions, Gabii is considered to be the best place to get Alloy Plate.

Some players may still pick Hieracon as the best way to farm Alloy Plate since it also provides other resources. Overall, when it comes to farming easily, Gabii still remains a decent first pick in regards to Alloy Plate farming.


Warframe Alloy Plate Farm 2024 - YetGamer (2024)


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