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From emergency repairs to routine services, car maintenance is just one of the many things that can mess up your budget. But your gasoline costs shouldn't be one of them. The BJ's Fuel Saver Program helps you save on gas when you buy eligible products from our store – in person or online.*

Save On Gas Prices With BJ's Fuel Saver Program | Blog | BJ's Wholesale Club (1)

How do I save on gas?

Taking steps to save money on gas is always a good idea. Why should you spend more money on car expenses than you have to? After all, you can use your gas savings to stock up on more of your everyday essentials.

If you are looking for ways to save on gasoline, there are plenty of practical tips you can use. Inflate your tires at the proper levels, or ride to work with friends. Observing speed limits can also help you save money on fuel.

Our gas program at BJ's Wholesale Club offers a hassle-free way for you to save on gasoline. The program doesn't require you to make special plans or go out of your way. Some benefits of the BJ's Fuel SaverProgram include saving money on items you purchase everyday items, limitless savings, and the ability to choose from several BJ's Gas station locations.

How does the BJ's Fuel Saver Program work?

Club membership at BJ's comes with several perks. This includes our BJ's Fuel Saver Program. You get access to our low prices and gas savings at the same time. Here's how the program works. Purchase eligible products from the current list. Eligible products may include pet food, laundry detergent, personal care items, and more. Each eligible item has a fuel saver icon. This lets you know that the item is part of the Fuel Saver Program. Once your purchase is made, you'll receive 10 cents off per gallon automatically. You can view your points once you sign into BJ’ here or on the BJ’s App under the My BJ’s tab.

At BJ's Wholesale Club, we have some of the most affordable gas prices around. With BJ's Fuel Saver Program, you can enjoy additional discounts. For example, you can save 30 cents per gallon just by purchasing three eligible items.

Where is there a BJ's Gas Station near me?

Locating cheap gas couldn't be easier for our members at BJ's Wholesale Club. In fact, we have over 145 gas stations (and counting) throughout the United States. If you search, "gas near me" using your smart device, you are sure to spot one of our gas stations.

We have made it super easy for you to find the closest BJ's Wholesale Club gas station. Our website includes a quick way for you to search for gas stations near you. Just enter your zip code and click "find a club" to get a list of the nearest locations that offer cheap gas.

BJ's Wholesale Club makes it easy for you to stick to your budget while getting the things you need and enjoy. Enroll in the BJ's Fuel Saver Program for an easy way to get affordable gas prices just by shopping for items you would buy anyway. With our program, you can also see how much you save on gas, so sign up today. Short on time? Order your groceries and select merchandise on for free In-Club or Curbside Pickup, or get your groceries delivered to your door with Same-Day Delivery and collect your points. It's just some of the many ways BJ's Wholesale Club helps you shop fast and save easy.

* For each eligible fuel saver item purchased in-club, save 10¢/gal. at BJ’s Gas®on your next fill-up, within 30 days of your purchase. If you have multiple checkout transactions containing fuel saver items within that 30-day, your fuel discount will reflect all gas savings items purchased in all transactions for that calendar month prior to your next fill-up. Fuel purchases are subject to a required minimum price of 2¢/gal., and you cannot apply your fuel discount to such minimum price. Redemption of the discount is capped at the fuel cost per gallon less 2¢/gal. at the time of redemption (e.g., if fuel cost is $2.00/gal. and you have earned a $2.10/gal. discount, your redemption is capped at $1.98/gal.). Maximum fuel quantity is 30 gallons per redemption or $100. Your earned fuel discount will be reset to zero, and any remaining discount balance will be forfeited, after each use at the pump. Membership card and payment card must be scanned or swiped in order for discounted price per gallon to be reflected on pump dispenser and applied to your fill-up. Promotional savings may not appear at pump for fifteen minutes from checkout. Offer is valid for purchases in club, buy online pick up in club, Same Day Delivery, Express Pay & other orders. Offer is not valid on Instacart including purchases at or Offer may be combined with select BJ’s Gas fuel discount offers and, where applicable, 10¢/gal. My BJ’s Perks®Mastercard®discount; however, total discounts may not reduce the price per gal. below 2¢/gal. Unused discounts at the end of that 30-day period will be forfeited, and do not roll over and are not transferable. Discount can be used on any type of fuel – regular, premium and diesel (where available). Approved fuel containers only. BJ’s Gas locations may occasionally close for site maintenance, during which the promotional discounts will not be available. If you redeem your fuel discount, BJ’s has the right to reject the return of the purchased fuel saver items that contributed to the redeemed fuel discount. In addition, in the event BJ’s suspects abuse of the fuel saver program (e.g., returns of purchased gas savings items following redemption of the corresponding fuel discount), BJ’s reserves the right to suspend or terminate your participation in the fuel saver program and to terminate your membership without refund.
Save On Gas Prices With BJ's Fuel Saver Program | Blog | BJ's Wholesale Club (2024)


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