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Gabriel Stefan Kapler is an American former baseball outfielder. After a successful playing career, Gabe Kapler went on to manage MLB teams and serves as the manager of the San Francisco Giants.

Gabe was previously married to Lisa Jansen for 14 years. Many are curious about her whereabouts asshe has remained away from the limelight after the divorce. So, let’s learn about Gabe Kapler’s ex-wife.

Married For Fourteen Years

  • Gabe Kapler and Lisa Jansen started dating in their final year of high school.
  • The ex-couple married seven years later, in 1999.
  • Their marital relationship had its ups and downs, but they never gave up on each other in the earlier days.
  • For the most part, the former partners kept their relationship away from the media.
  • Consequently, little is known about what went wrong between the ex-couple before they divorced in 2013.

Proud Mother of Two

While Lisa’s marriage did not last long, she did become the mother of two children. Chase Ty Kapler, Gabe Kapler’s son, was born on October 8, 1999.

Dane Rio Kapler, Lisa Jansen’s second child, was born a year after Chase.

Still, when Gabe filed for divorce, he requested joint custody of their sons, and the ex-couple is now co-parenting them. Similarly, they are also on friendly terms and support each other.

However, Gabe Kapler’s ex-wife disappeared from the spotlight after the divorce. As a result, information regarding whether or not she ever remarried remains unknown.

Nonetheless, let us hope that Gabe Kapler’s former wife has found her life partner and is enjoying a pleasant life.

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Is Lisa’s Ex-Husband Gay?

Often celebrities are the ones who are the target of such rumors, and unfortunately, the San Francisco Giants‘ manager is no stranger to them.

Only a year after their divorce, rumors about Lisa Kapler’s ex-partner’s sexuality started blowing up.

However, upon further inspection of why the accusations began, it was revealed that they were all sparked by the former baseballer’s tweet calling for LGBTQ+ rights.

I hope when the first actively gay baseball player comes out, he’s a superstar. We need a Jackie Robinson style earth shaker. #Change

— gabe kapler (@gabekapler) February 11, 2014

Additionally, Gabe has not commented on the accusations, further fueling the allegations.

Furthermore, the former athlete is very outspoken aboutsupporting the LGBTQ+ communityand has effectively leveraged his platform to spread the word.

Well, for the time being, Kapler’s ex-husband seems adamant about keeping his love life low-key. So, even if Kapler is gay, we might not be hearing about his lovers anytime soon.

Abused By Her Ex-Boyfriend In The Past

There are plenty of crazy abusive boyfriend stories out there that start as a harmless relationship and finish up as terrifying headline news.

Even though we’ve all heard many abusive stories, nothing can prepare us for Lisa Jansen’s three-year nightmare with her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Before dating Gabe, Lisa dated a guy who happened to be three years older than her. While the beginning of her relationship was enjoyable, the violence began suddenly and unexpectedly.

Lisa Jansen’s ex-boyfriend, whose identity she opted not to reveal, beat, choked, and thrashed her regularly. He also once asked her whether she was ready to die while pointing a gun at her.

Unfortunately, Lisa’s ex beat her every time she fought back, so she gradually became a victim of abuse.

Additionally, Jansen’s friends and teachers turned a blind eye to the abuse taking place right before their eyes. As a result, the violence persisted.

Despite this, Lisa chose to remain with her ex-partner because his father was dying and had pitied him.

However, Gabe Kapler’s ex-wife knew that her relationship had to end as the cycle of abuse continued for years. Fortunately, when his father died, he moved in with his aunt, and the pair finally broke up.

Founder Of Gabe Kapler Foundation

As Gabe’s ex-partner leaped right into the relationship after leaving an abusive relationship, the beginning of their relationship was disastrous.

Unfortunately, Lisa picked up the abusive behavior from her prior relationship and often fought and hit Gabe during arguments.

However, the former outfielder made it a point to inform Lisa that being violent was inappropriate, and he eventually helped her overcome her behavior and past trauma.

Gabe Kapler's Wife Lisa Jansen - What Caused The Former Pair To Part Ways? | eCelebrityMirror (1)

In addition, as time passed, the couple founded the Gabe Kapler Foundation to help victims of abuse stop the violence by providing them with the resources they need to live self-sufficient, violence-free lives.

At present, Gabe Kapler’s ex-partnerworks asintuitive health & compassion coach, so we wish her the best for her future.

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Gabe Kapler's Wife Lisa Jansen - What Caused The Former Pair To Part Ways? | eCelebrityMirror (2024)


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