Alloy Plate Farming Guide 2024 | Warframe School (2024)

Alloy Plate is a resource and can mostly be found on planets in the star chart. It is a carbon steel plate that’s used to not only reinforce Grineer armor but is also used in other crafting components for the tenno.

You may recognize it in the type of armor that the Grineer use, also known as Alloy armour.

There are many ways to get this resource some of the more common ones are Extractor Drones, opening containers, and from enemy drops.

It is a material that is needed to craft pretty much anything, from warframe parts to Grineer parts, even some of the Corpus parts, and is a resource that will be needed at every stage of the game.

Alloy Plate Farming Locations

Alloy Plate Farming Guide 2024 | Warframe School (1)

Like most common resources – Alloy Plates drops from pretty much every mission in the game. This is because it is also commonly found in containers.

So if you are constantly using a resource booster of warframes or companions that boost drop chances, the chances are that you will easily come across this drop are quite high.

However due to its vast amounts of dark sector missions Ceres is arguably the best area for specifically farming alloy plates.

The best missions for this are the Dark sector survival Gabii, and the Dark sector defence Seimeni.

Due to the fact that dark sector missions give you higher resource drops, plus infested enemies only have health so if you have enough damage, you can comfortably farm without having to worry about enemy scaling.

Enemies That Drop This Alloy Plate

In the Dark sector missions, all infested enemies will drop Alloy Plates so you won’t have to worry about specific enemy drops.

How To Farm Alloy Plate (Guide)

As usual, when it comes to farming resources, multiple warframes are best. It is recommended that you do this in a squad because the more people you have with you, the more enemies that spawn, which also means the more potential drops that spawn.

You will first need 2-3 of the farming warframes with their necessary augments. These are Khora with her augment Pilfering Strangle dome, the second is Hydroid with Pilfering swarm, the third is Nekros with Desecrate and the fourth is Atlas with his ore gaze.

In terms of team makeup, you should have either Khora or Hydroid because Khora and Hydroid abilities do not stack.

Although Nekros and Atlas’s abilities stacks with either, so the general guide would be to have either a khora or hydroid on your team, with a Nekros and Atlas.

Then you can pair this with a support warframe like a trinity for energy and heals, also Wisp can be good choice as well as an aoe warframe like Nova who is modded for negative power strength.

Another warframe that could be used instead of Wisp or Trinity is a Volt that is modded for power strength range and duration with the augment capacitance.

This lets him use his 4th ability stunning the enemies but also boosting your shields giving you enough time to kill said enemies and giving you damage reduction and speed if he decides to use his 2nd ability.

However, because Ceres has a lot of tight spaces Hydroid would be better as his tentacles can hit more targets and give you more drops. it is recommended that you take nova as her 4th ability will make enemies spawn faster meaning that there will be more drops as there will be more enemies killed.

Alternatively, wisp or trinity would be another choice if you choose steel path as wisp’s shock mote can stun enemies and trinity can give you and your team more energy.

Another thing that you could do to get more drops would be to do the previously stated missions while doing steel path, while this is harder.

It does ensure that you get double the drop chance, and that paired with a slash aoe weapon, nekros, atlas, Khora, and the other support or aoe warframe plus the smeeta kavat for all of you and the resource drop booster.

And double resource chance booster means that you could get anywhere from 4000-6000 Alloy Plates in 30 mins or even more if you’re lucky and do it effectively. Although steel path can get hectic so make sure that you are modded correctly and you are prepared.

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